Resol FlowSol S HE – DeltaSol CS Plus pompgroep en controller

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Circulation pump: Wilo Yonos PARA ST 15/7.0-PWM2 (Maximum power consumption: 45 W)
Safety valve: max. 6 bar
Pressure gauge: 0 … 10 bar
Flowmeter: 1 … 10 l/min
Non-return valves: 200 mm head, openable
Connection to diaphragm-type expansion vessel: 3/4” IT, flat sealing
Outlet safety valve: 3/4″ IT
Connections to the solar pipes: 3/4″ IT
Maximum pressure: max. 6 bar
Fluid: Water with max. 50 % propylene glycol
Dimensions: approx. 430 x 223 x 193 mm (with insulation)
distance centres: 100 mm
distance centre/wall: 67 mm
fittings: brass
sealings: EPDM/AFM 34
insulation: EPP foam
Maximum temperature: +120 °C
Maximum operation temperature: +95 °C
Non-return valve: 200 mm head, openable
Controller ErP data (Standby): 
DeltaSol® CS Plus: 0,59 W, Temperature controls class: I; Energy efficiency contribution: 1 %
Pump ErP data (Auxiliary electricity consumption): 
DeltaSol® CS Plus: 50,2 kWh/a

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